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Gateway Security Service

Gateway Security Services provide a secure interconnection of different networks or network sections in order to protect an organization's key information. Service is comprised principally of Next Generation Firewalls (IPS/IDS, AV, URL & App, VPN/SSL & VPN/IPSEC,…), WAF, Clusters, DMZ architectures, Proxy and Email Gateway.


This service is comprised of the following elements:

  • Central management and configuration of VPN Gateways and Firewalls

  • Provisioning of centrally managed VPN Gateways and Firewalls

  • Monitoring, updating and patching of centrally managed VPN Gateways and Firewalls

  • Client-to-Site VPN

  • Site-to-Site VPN

  • URL Filtering, Antivirus, DLPs, IPS, SandBox, QoS Traffic features

  • Configuration Backup

  • Disaster Recovery Services

  • Log forwarding to archiving and/or forensic systems

  • Back-reporting of system health issues

  • End-user support to identify mail rejection issues

  • Translation

  • Web proxy servers

  • Transparent proxy

Added Value

  • Decreased security services management complexity from customer side.

  • Our service grants the Monitoring and Analytics of traffic inbound/outbound.

  • Very short response time to the customer service request.

  • All security solutions are available (NG Firewalls and it’s on features, WAFs, Load balancers, …) to be included in the service.

  • Customer pays the service and receives the appliance (physical, VM or cloud based), with the features/functionalities in need to its own business protection, at service duration.

  • The Service is available in the following flavors:
    • One shot installation and configuration infrastructure service, managed in the end by the costumer.
    • As a Service, managed by Hardsecure.
    • Ad-Hoc, under pack support.
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